Multi-Platform Delivery, Sales and Inventory from MSA Focus

In a world of multiple revenue sources more adaptable, intelligent and extensible systems are required to accommodate the varied revenue generation possibilities now available to a broadcast, VOD or streaming operation. Similarly, the oft used moniker of Broadcast Management System frequently fails to include or recognise the importance of the many delivery methods, platforms and models that are now the mainstream.

These developments in television delivery and the business practices and technologies both behind and alongside them, have driven the design and development of ForeTV Pulse.

Along with this forward-thinking design, capable of coping with new and emerging platforms in the broadcasting sector, the features and capabilities for dealing with traditional linear broadcast techniques have been improved, streamlined and evolved to provide a complete, scalable and efficient management package.

ForeTV Pulse is an “all-in-one” system, providing a comprehensive technological solution for multi-platform content delivery, sales and inventory management

The different tasks and information types in the scheduling and transmission timeline are organized into modules within ForeTV Pulse. These modules contain either a number of information libraries or task-oriented tools for specific stages in the transmission process. These modules and toolsets can be user restricted to ensure that the security and integrity of your business and its data is maintained. 

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