Content-Centric Thinking with MediaGeniX

How should broadcasters offer their content to the viewers? The answer is: in as many ways as possible. Decisions will have to be made from the content’s point of view, no longer by only analysing which loyal viewers are watching their channels at what time of day. The audience has grown too diverse, too mobile, with so many video sources at their disposal.

Broadcasters will need to have a closer look at the content they can offer that fits their mission, vision and business model. What rights do they have on the content? What distribution platforms are available and through which technique can they serve their business goals best with each title? Maybe it is on a premium pay service, or on Facebook or YouTube, maybe on a linear channel or by selling the content to another company. Big live sports events, blockbuster movies, vintage series and movies, gameshows and soaps, old content or new, public service or commercial … all will require a different approach.

This change will require broadcasters to reinvent their business, and WHATS’ON, the VOD/Linear BMS by MEDIAGENIX, will help them do just that. With WHATS’ON broadcasters have a single tool for both VOD and Linear scheduling and content management. Its powerful rights and media management functionality is devised to tackle today’s complexity with ease. The result is that broadcasters can efficiently run their mix of VOD and Linear business, with the flexibility to incorporate new services and channels. Yes, broadcasters can meet the needs of the future consumer head on.

Tuesday March 6 from 16:15—17:30 will see Johan Vanmarke, Managing Director, MEDIAGENIX Asia deliver his presentation, Media Management: Workflow Enhancements, Cloud and Contribution Systems. Why Broadcasters Need to Think Content-Centric.



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