HK Regulator Issues DVB-T2, Licence Fee Deadlines to Hong Kong Mobile Television Network

Hong Kong’s Communications Authority has delivered a March deadline for planning submissions and a June deadline for commencement of DVB-T2 trials to Hong Kong Mobile Television Network Limited amid numerous submission postponements and unpaid licence fees.

On 13 July 2017, the Authority approved an application by HKMTN to change its transmission standard to the T2 Lite profile under Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial 2 (DVB-T2) for the provision of its Mobile TV Service. Under its Technical Proposal, HKMTN committed to complete the change of transmission standard to DVB-T2 within 12 months once the Authority’s approval was granted, i.e. on or before 12 July 2018. The Authority amended the Licence, stipulating the additional licence conditions to be complied with by the Licensee. These included  the provision, by 12 August 2017, of a detailed plan and timetable for technical demonstrations.

On August 2nd, 2017, HK Mobile Television sought an extension for the submission of the plan which was granted until October 2nd. On September 28, however, HKMTN requested that the submission of the plan and timetable of the demonstrations be held in abeyance or otherwise rescheduled until after the clearance of the issues submitted in that letter. 

In response, the Authority advised the Licensee on 16 October, 2017, that it must comply with the relevant conditions of the Licence as soon as possible to complete the change of the transmission standard to DVBT2 by 12 July, 2018. Having received no reply from the Licensee to that letter, the Authority again wrote to HKMTN in November, 2017, requiring it to provide the detailed plan and timetable of demonstrations by 30 November, 2017.

On 29 November 2017, the Licensee requested a further extension of time for submitting the detailed plan and timetable of the demonstrations of two months to 29 January, 2018. The Authority acceded to its request on condition that no further extension of the deadline would be granted. Nevertheless, the Licensee informed the Authority on 26 January 2018 that the detailed plan and timetable for the demonstrations which are required to be submitted to the Authority would unlikely be available by 29 January 2018, and that it would aim to provide a progress update on or before 27 March 2018.

As HKMTN has not yet submitted any detailed plan and timetable for the demonstrations, the Authority has directed the company to take the following actions:

  • submit to the Authority on or before 27 March 2018 its detailed plan and timetable for conducting the demonstrations, trials and tests; and
  • complete the demonstrations, trials and tests no later than 12 June 2018.

Meanwhile, the HKCA has also issued Hong Kong Mobile Television Network Limited with a March 19 deadline for payment of its licence fees remain unpaid from December, 2017.



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