NanoLumens 2018 Crystal Nixel Awards Presented

NanoLumens has announced the winners of its third-annual NanoLumens Crystal Nixel Awards that recognise outstanding creativity in the design and implementation of an LED visualisation solution.

According to NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope, the 2018 awards were presented to those involved in the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 installation for the international category and the Aon Center installation for the domestic category. Electronics and Engineering Pte Ltd (E+E) and Moment Factory were presented the award for the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 installation while JLL, Sensory Technologies and Pixelfire were all recognised for the Aon Center installation in Chicago, Illinois.

“NanoLumens stands behind excellence, innovation, and recognizing all that creative minds can achieve when it comes to designing compelling and engaging LED display-based visualisation solutions,” Cope said today. “Both of these winning installations perfectly illustrate how NanoLumens display technology can transform an entire environment by creating fresh and compelling engagement experiences.”

Singapore Changi Airport, which regularly tops the list of the world’s best airports, had two state-of-the-art NanoLumens Performance Series™ LED displays installed in its new Terminal 4 to captivate the thousands of passing travelers each day with beautiful, enthralling visuals created by Moment Factory. The “Immersive Wall” was dubbed one of the largest indoor airport displays in the world, measuring an impressive 70 by 5 meters tall with a 6mm pixel pitch. Additionally, E+E installed a 10 by 60 meter tall, 4mm pixel pitch display in the departure transit area’s Heritage Zone, which is built directly into a shophouse facade with several faux building fronts that highlight the island nation’s architectural evolution from the 1880s to the 1950s.

The Aon Center, one of Chicago’s most recognisable buildings, recently began a full renovation of its lobby and atrium, complete with two 13mW x 3mH 4mm pixel pitch NanoLumens LED displays that create a floor-to-ceiling digital wall that invites tenants and guests to experience stunning Chicago-themed imagery on a massive scale. Measuring a total of 80m², the displays dominate the building’s main entrance at the south lobby and present five stunning three-minute videos on a constant loop.

Cope added, “We congratulate the winners on their achievement and ongoing commitment to engage audiences everywhere through LED display solutions from NanoLumens.”



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