SPLINTR Brings Attaquer ’s Ultra+ Kit to Life

Cult Australian cycling label Attaquer approached SPLINTR to present its new Race Ultra+ Collection to the world. Twenty four hours after the brand film launched, the kit was sold out.

Attaquer needed to launch its new cycling kit, aimed to attract not only its current core customer, but also the extreme performance driven end of the market. The design with an aerodynamic finish is aimed at speed, comfort, and style. Launching the new range required a production partner with an ‘outside-the-box’ mindset.

Attaquer Co-Founder Stevan Musulin explains why he chose SPLINTR: “We’re a high-end cycling brand that draws a lot of our inspiration from areas outside of cycling, such as the arts, culture, fashion, music and sport. So we needed a production partner that creates imaginative work with heart that aligns with the attitude and style of Attaquer. It was great seeing the guys working together, from creating the animation for projections, shooting stills for our guerrilla marketing campaign and website, directing, editing and sound design!”

Attaquer is well known amongst the style-conscious, die-hard cyclists who aren’t afraid to be different and untraditional, but who demand the best from their cycling kit.

Of the campaign Luke Farquhar from SPLINTR said, “We wanted to break all the stereotypes of cycling branding and make a more fashion-forward campaign, but we also needed to excite the classic athletic cyclist. We began referencing a lot of in-camera approaches, erratic styles of filmmaking and kept it darker than the average cycling branding piece.”

The campaign, that can currently be seen around every city in Australia, features four vignettes, teaser and the final film. SPLINTR also created a street campaign with Bill Posters appearing in Sydney, Melbourne, Taiwan, Paris, L.A. and London. In another off-centre choice for cycling, SPLINTR convinced UK band, The KVB, to license their track ‘Always Then’ for use in the film.

ATTAQUER . Race ULTRA+ . Launch Film from SPLINTR on Vimeo.

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