Ideal Systems ABU Booth Guide 2018

This year’s ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium, Ideal Systems will be showcasing IP solutions, 4K systems, 360VR for live and post production and a host of solutions for live broadcasting of news and sport, from virtual sets to signal back haul.

Migration to IP has been a hot topic for the last few years, now this topic is becoming a deployment reality, with islands of IP and full IP systems being set up by broadcasters in Asia. Ideal have been working closely with Canadian company Embrionix to provide a smooth adoption path to IP technologies and will be showcasing all of their latest IP products on the booth.

The push to IP is enabling the easier deployment of 4K solutions too, but as yet, 4K is still no walk in the park with quad 3G SDI and 12G being deployed the dust hasn’t settled on how 4K will be managed in a broadcast facility.

This is where Phabrix come in with its latest generation 4K UHD test and measurement products like the Qx 12G, for IP, 4K/UHD + HDR generation, analysis and monitoring.The Qx 12G is designed for next generation, hybrid IP/SDI environments using 4K/UHD (12G/6G/3G-SDI) and HD-SDI plus SMPTE 2110 and 2022-6. The high performance Qx 12G offers 4K/UHD-SDI generation, analysis and video/audio monitoring as standard. It’s available with ultra-responsive, 12G/6G/3G/HD RTE (Real-time Eye) physical layer testing, and can be upgraded to offer HDR instruments plus advanced, IP traffic analysis and stress testing.

Last year at ABU Ideal Systems unveiled the first OZO 360 VR Camera ever in Malaysia. This system is based on a 4K workflow. Since then we have been very busy doing 360 VR events up and down the country and all across Asia. This year at ABU, apart for the demo system on the booth, Ideal Systems will be presenting some of its 360 VR case studies at the ABU Seminar and also hosting a 360 VR workshop at the event where we will dive deep into the live and the production work flows.

Sticking with live sports, Ideal will again showcase Dejero. After a very successful year which as seen leading sports channels like Fox Sports and Eleven Sports using Dejero for their coverage of a wide variety of sports from soccer to golf to F1. We will be showing the new range of Dejero products including HEVC enabled Pathway

For the file-based world, Ideal will demonstrate Emotion Systems ‘Engine’, a flexible and scalable audio server, either used for achieving medium to high levels of processing in an automated environment, or for providing cost effective flexibility in large Post Production facilities. Engine process file based audio tracks using any combination of the following functions:

  • Loudness Compliance.
  • Channel Mapping and Muting.
  • Dolby E Encoding.
  • Dolby E Decoding.
  • Dolby E Guardband Correction.
  • Stereo to 5.1 Upmix.
  • 5.1 to stereo downmix, and stereo to mono downmix.
  • Audio extraction to WAV.
  • Audio insertion from AIFF/WAV.

Many broadcasters need internal TV distribution, Ideal has deployed many such systems with Exterity. On the booth the company will be showing a 4K IP video solution with launch of new 4K AvediaPlayer m9405 Media Player.



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