DW’s ‘Inovator’ Celebrates 300th Episode

DW’s weekly Indonesian language science programme ‘Inovator’ celebrates its 300th episode in January 2018. The magazine has been running successfully in Indonesia since 2011 and is considered “the first tailor made localisation of content” by its creators, DW’s Indonesian news desk. Inovator currently is being aired by 12 national and regional channels in Indonesia, reaching up to 40 million households nationwide. Inovator’s topics are a mix of science, research, technology, environment and lifestyle.

The 26-minute magazine is not only broadcast on television. Clips of the show are distributed on DW’s Indonesian website, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Almost one million users watch Inovator clips on Youtube on a regular basis. Another million watches the online videos via social media, taking part in topic-related Facebook discussions. Strong interaction from viewers and users via social media shows that Inovator is close to the realities people’s life in the target area and often provides everyday solutions to the problems of Indonesians.

The success of Inovator is attributed to its unique format in a country still dominated by TV. The show conveys knowledge and arouses curiosity for more.

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