Ai-Media Caption Quality Audit Update

An independent auditor has scored Ai-Media’s broadcast caption quality at over 99.5 percent for the quarter ending September 2017, a level sustained now for two years.

Ai-Media is the first Australian caption services provider to appoint an independent auditor, and the results have been publicly available since 2012.

Based on content selected at random, 13 programs were evaluated across Nine Network Australia programs on the international NER scale, where Number, Edition error and Recognition error – measures the speed of captions, the delay between speech and caption text, and the number and types of errors.

Ai-Media’s CEO Tony Abrahams said, “Delivering the highest quality captioning services to our clients and their viewers is of paramount importance. Consistency, transparency and innovation define our organisation and we are very proud of this unbroken run of world-leading results.”



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