Big Data Award for Mediacorp Content Analytics Solution

Mediacorp’s content analytics solution, RIPPLE, has come away a big winner at the inaugural BIGGIES Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Awards held in Hong Kong, winning two First Prizes and the overall Best of Show accolade.

Organised by World Newsmedia Network, the first BIGGIES awards recognise media companies’ best practices in Big Data and AI products and strategies in Asia-Pacific and attracted entries from over 11 companies across seven countries. The awards ceremony was one of the sixth annual Big Data & AI for Media Week events in Hong Kong and Beijing.

“We’re pleased to award extreme innovation in the Big Data and AI fields in media and advertising companies across the region,” said Martha Stone, CEO of World Newsmedia Network.

“These winning entries represent a true audience-centric approach to doing business, leveraging audience analytics, targeting, product development and strategic initiatives,” Stone added.

RIPPLE clinched the top positions for Excellence in Data Analytics and Excellence in Data-Driven Business Process Efficiency within the Group A category: English-language media that circulate/broadcast in three or more countries in Asia-Pacific. It also won the Best of Show accolade, presented to the best data-driven project, product or process of the BIGGIES Awards.

Designed to bridge insight gaps in off-the-shelf enterprise analytics tools, RIPPLE (Real-time Interest, Participation and Popularity Learning Engine) was developed in-house by Mediacorp with the goal of marrying the best of descriptive web analytics and data science predictive capabilities to provide actionable content insights faster. For example, RIPPLE enables a more holistic view of audience behaviours and consumption patterns by integrating content characteristics from audience profiles, engagement levels to trending themes and performance predictions.

The company says that the one-stop content insights platform has significantly lifted business efficiency at Mediacorp. Aggregated content insights, previously resource-intensive to prepare from disparate data sources, are now readily available 24/7 across all mobile devices and through periodic business alerts.

Roger Moy, Head, Consumer Insights & Analytics said, “Content imperatives often demand real-time intelligence to drive more data-informed decisions quickly. RIPPLE started out as a bespoke analytics solution for Mediacorp’s newsroom, but has now evolved into a comprehensive content insights hub for all our digital content. We are both thrilled and humbled by the acknowledgement at the BIGGIES Awards.”

Mediacorp established its Consumer Insights and Analytics unit in 2014 to accelerate capabilities in harnessing rich consumer data across its media platforms for the company and its clients to make more data-driven decisions. The centralised unit brings together different analytical disciplines such as consumer research, marketing science, digital analytics, loyalty and data science, to help drive greater data synergy. Mediacorp also owns MRC, an ISO-certified full-service consumer research consultancy with nearly 30 years of proven local expertise with blue-chip brands.



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