Mediacorp Audio Post to Produce Sound FX for China’s First Animation Movie

Mediacorp Audio Post has clinched a deal with Zhe Jiang ZHHY Studios Co., Ltd to produce the sound effect design and Auro3D mixing for Lanling The God of War, a 3D animation movie due for release in early 2019.

Lanling, The God of War is a RMB200 million (USD$30.22 million) production helmed by renowned Chinese director Chen Kai. The movie draws its story from the soul-stirring legend of Lanling, King of the Northern Qi Dynasty and his poignant love story with Princess Yoo Tong of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. The movie promises magnificent landscape as well as real-life war scenes.  A first in China, the movie will be using virtual shooting and pure CG effects technology to create life-like characters in the movie.

Since 1979, Mediacorp Audio Post has been producing music and sound effects for local television, moving on to sound-mixing services for the local and regional film industries in the 1980s. This is the first time that it is undertaking the sound effect design and Auro3D mixing for a full animation movie.

Mo Ju Li, Music & Sound Effect Director of Audio Post, Mediacorp, said “Lanling The God of War’s director Chen Kai was looking for a partner in sound effect post production and 3D immersive sound for his movie. He chose Mediacorp Audio Post for our experience, expertise and advanced in-house facilities. Mediacorp houses six mixing studios and in May this year launched the first Auro3D and Auromax Movie-mixing studio in Southeast Asia.

“This makes us a one-stop shop for audio post production services for our business partners.  We can now provide the highest possible audio standard, sound design, music composing services all under one roof.”

Lanling, The God of War Director Chen Kai said, “Mediacorp Audio Post is well known in the region for its sound effect and mixing production services. I was impressed by their audio post production for the Chinese movie “The Room”, which was nominated at the Shanghai International Film & Festival’s award show. Sound effect design is a key element in movies, and with their new Auro3D mixing studio, I look forward to the final outcome of the 3D immersive sound they will create for Lanling The God of War.”

Doreen Neo, Chief Content Officer of Mediacorp, added “Our partnership with Lanling, The God of War movie project is testimony that Mediacorp’s capability extends beyond producing quality content, but also in providing world class audio post production services. I strongly believe that this collaboration will put our Audio Post services on the world map and in the same league as world-class sound designers.”



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