Sky NZ in Anti-Piracy Push

New Zealand pay TV operator, Sky, has found itself at odds with broadband provider Vocus over the blocking of websites associated with content piracy.

In a statement, Sky NZ said, “You may have read claims from Vocus that SKY is ‘attempting to censor the internet’.  Vocus has got it wrong, and we’d like to clear things up. 

“Many countries around the world have laws that enable piracy websites to be blocked, including Australia and the UK.  SKY is looking to get court orders to do the same here, requiring ISPs to block specified illegal pirate sites.  The websites that we plan to seek orders for are designed for no other purpose than to illegally pirate content.  They pay nothing to the creators of movies, TV and sport content and simply steal it for their own gain.

“We’re doing this because illegal streaming and content piracy is a major threat to the entertainment, creative and sporting industries in New Zealand and abroad. With piracy, not only is the sport and entertainment content that we love at risk, but so are the livelihoods of the thousands of people employed by these industries.  Illegally sharing or viewing content impacts a vast number of people and jobs including athletes, actors, artists, production crew, customer service representatives, event planners, caterers and many, many more.

“Pirate sites like Pirate Bay make no contribution to the development of content, but rather just steal it.  Over 40 countries around the world have put in place laws to block such sites, and we’re just looking to do the same.

“It’s important for us to take action against illegal streaming and content piracy, for our business, our customers, our crew and everybody in the entertainment, sport or creative industries.”



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