ACMA Invites Applications for DAB+ Licences in Canberra, Darwin

After extensive trials of DAB+ in Canberra and Darwin, the Australian Communications and Media Authority is inviting eligible joint venture companies to apply for the foundation category 1 digital radio multiplex transmitter (DRMT) licences  to serve the Canberra RA 1 designated BSA radio area, and the Darwin RA 1 designated BSA radio area.

The ACMA says an applicant for a foundation category 1 digital radio multiplex transmitter licence must be an eligible joint venture company and pay an application fee of AUD$472. Eligible joint venture companies must be made up of those incumbent digital commercial radio broadcasting licensees, and community radio broadcasting representative company for the designated BSA radio area that have accepted an invitation to join the company (with an equal shareholding).

If the ACMA receives no applications from eligible joint venture companies; or one or more applications are received from eligible joint venture companies but the ACMA has refused to issue a licence to any of the applicants; the ACMA may choose to conduct a price-based allocation of that licence.


Licences will remain in force for 15 years, and there is no official closing date for applications. Click here for licence details and conditions.

Digital radio services, using DAB+ technology in VHF Band III spectrum, have been running on a permanent basis in the metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney since July 2009.



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