Cinegy Announces Partnership with Itochu Cable Systems Tokyo

Cinegy has announced a new distribution partnership with Tokyo-based Itochu Cable Systems Corporation, which provides system integration services for data, video, and telecommunications.

Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “Itochu’s primary focus with Cinegy at present is in our production and post-production solutions. They have many major customers in Japan – including very large animation studios – who need to digitise, store, and repurpose content. Cinegy Capture PRO provides VTR control, batch ingest, proxying, multiple SDI board support plus the ability to effortlessly handle all major formats.”

Following stringent testing and review by Itochu to determine its suitability for the Japanese markets they serve, Itochu subsequently organised multiple events, seminars, and demonstrations to inform others of Cinegy Capture PRO’s versatility and functionality.

Itochu’s efforts paid off as they announced at the end of October that Toei Animation, a major, global film animation studio that produces hundreds of titles per year has purchased a license for Cinegy Capture PRO to address its considerable production needs.

Itochu Cable Systems’ General Manager, Hoei Division, Hidetaka Osuga said, “We have been very impressed with Cinegy capabilities and have championed their solutions, so we are delighted to formalise our sales and support partnership.”



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