Village Cinemas Crosses Over to a New Reality

Village Entertainment has announced the introduction of ‘The XOVR’, an Australian first virtual reality destination to arrive at Village Cinemas Knox, opening to the public on November the 23rd, 2017. This is the first major concept launch since the business underwent a corporate rebrand dropping ‘cinemas’ for ‘entertainment’.

The XOVR powered by Intel (pronounced ‘the crossover’) is a state of the art VR gaming and entertainment destination. It will feature a suite of simulators combining high quality VR headsets, engaging content and haptic feedback to give customers completely immersive virtual reality experiences.

Featuring a variety of exciting VR simulators and high quality virtual reality headsets, The XOVR will offer a variety of experiences for players including driving, shooting, riding, flying and exploring new worlds. With varying levels of skill and complexity, The XOVR is suitable for experienced gaming enthusiasts and first-time gamers alike.

Village Entertainment is proud to have partnered with Intel to launch The XOVR. Anna Torres, Marketing Director, Australia and South East Asia at Intel said “Virtual Reality technologies have the power to completely change how we interact with both the world around us and our connected devices. At Intel, we have the right mix of experience, technologies, and partnerships to deliver truly immersive VR. In collaborating with Village Entertainment on The XOVR we are giving consumers a chance to experience the thrill of VR gaming while out for a night of entertainment with their friends and family.”

With virtual reality gaming centres and arcades exploding in popularity throughout Asia, Australian audiences will now have the exciting opportunity to experience this emerging technology first hand.

General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mohit Bhargava said, “This is yet another initiative that rationalises our recent corporate rebrand to Village Entertainment, expanding our offerings beyond cinema.”

Aaron Lind, Virtual Reality Manager said “The XOVR will revolutionise the gaming and virtual reality experience here in Australia transporting customers into an imaginary world. We’re so pleased to introduce this offering, perfect for serious gamers, friends, couples and families. The XOVR is a VR gaming destination for everyone to enjoy.”

Adrian Witcombe, Head of Innovation and Strategy is thrilled to see The XOVR become a reality.

“VR technology brings an unparalleled level of immersion to games, and The XOVR brings that experience to our customers. We have a wide range of exciting equipment and experiences that make VR accessible to all players and allows them to share the wonder, excitement, intensity and fun that virtual reality can bring,” Mr Witcombe said.

The introduction of The XOVR comes just weeks after Village Entertainment launched 4DX at Village Cinemas Century City – a four-dimensional cinema experience for moviegoers.



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