Thailand’s ‘Bug KookJe Go Inter’ Shot, Edited, Graded – Blackmagic

Blackmagic Design recently announced that DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Micro Panels were used to edit and colour West Saharat’s directorial debut film, ‘Bug KookJe Go Inter’. The full-length film was also shot with an URSA Mini 4K camera, a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Saharat’s first theatrical outing was screened in 55 theatres around Bangkok, with an expansion beyond the Thai capital city planned. ‘Bug KookJe Go Inter’ is a film that encourages dreams, love and cultural preservation and is told as a romantic comedy. Three young Thai boys, who are fanatics of Korean culture, bump into their Korean idol OPPA in their very own hometown. They re-discover the charms of idyllic village life through the eyes of their new cosmopolitan Korean best friend. Along the way, boys become men and love soon follows.

“With my wife writing the script, I can say ‘Bug KookJe Go Inter’ is my greatest labor of love. Our budget was very limited, so I was unable to complete the movie in my initial projection of four months. When the production ran out of money, I had to reorganise the shooting schedule and film it in bits. It took three times longer, but as my wife says, ‘Anything worth having never comes easy’,” said West Saharat, director of ‘Bug KookJe Go Inter’.

“To showcase the vast experiences of village folk, there were many outdoor shoots in rural Thailand. So, we needed a versatile camera outfit that was light, powerful enough to capture high-quality images, and adaptable to different lighting situations and spaces. Our full Blackmagic Design camera set, consisting of an URSA Mini 4K camera, a Blackmagic Cinema Production Camera 4K and a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera was all that and more. In one scene, a buffalo got really agitated and charged towards us. The crew just grabbed the nearest gear and we legged it. Luckily everything was light enough for us to just grab and dash!” said West.

With 10 years of Thai film industry experience under his belt, West said, “I think I will use DaVinci Resolve as my main program for all future movie projects. Well, as long as I am able to start the next one! I was unfamiliar with Blackmagic Design’s editing, colouring, audio engineering software, but I heard good things about DaVinci Resolve and decided to give it a try. I felt that it was very useful and answered what I wanted. I had to get the DaVinci Resolve Studio version as I exported my film in 4K.”

“My movie has strong art pop tones, so delivering vibrant colours and stark settings was important to me. I find that grading on the DaVinci Resolve Micro Panels is much smoother than using a mouse. With the trackballs, I was able to fine tune colour much faster and easily. Exploring colour options for a scene was a breeze. The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel was a great addition for this movie,” explained West.

‘Bug KookJe Go Inter’ Kook Ji Yeong premiered on 24 August 2017.



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