BES Animation and Jetpack Ink Platform Deals

BES Animation, one of Australia’s animation studios specialising in original content for local and international audiences, and Jetpack Distribution, global distributor of children’s content, has inked several new platform deals for its animated children’s show ‘Kitty is Not a Cat’ in Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Turkey, and in Australia with co-investment partner, the Seven Network.

Created by Bruce Kane and Maurice Argiro for BES Animation, Kitty is Not a Cat is a comedy with a great big heart and a tiny pretend tail! Aimed at 6-10 year olds, Kitty is Not a Cat is an animated series about a little girl ‘Kitty’ who has a big imagination and a whole lot of courage. She is at the age where a child feels they can be anything they want, even a cat. Kitty arrives on the doorstep of a house full of partying felines. These carefree creatures suddenly find their lives turned upside down as they attempt to teach her how to be a human when Kitty actually prefers living the life of a cat.

Kitty is Not a Cat was first unveiled at MIP Junior in 2016, receiving an incredible response from international broadcasters, producers and distributors. The show was selected from hundreds as one of the top five most popular programmes screened to buyers, earning praise for its cast, creators and producers.

Jetpack Distribution has the global distribution rights (excluding Asia) for Kitty is Not a Cat.

Bruce Kane, Co-Creator and Producer BES Animation said, “We are immensely proud of Kitty is Not a Cat, a show that has far exceeded our expectations in terms of broadcaster response. With a background in producing irreverent comedy and music shows in Australia, we wanted to create a show that uniquely blends urban culture, comedy and music with stories that connect to 6-10 year old kids. It’s a show we felt confident we could ‘bet the farm on’ and have been fortunate to work with some of the world’s best partners including Jetpack Distribution and the Seven Network. We are looking forward to growing the show’s distribution and licensing plans as we head towards a successful broadcast launch in 2018.”

Niki Hamilton, Executive Producer, Seven Network commented, saying, “This quirky and unique animation is delightful and will produce some wonderful family entertainment for the Seven Network.”

Dominic Gardiner, CEO Jetpack Distribution, said, “We instantly loved the retro and off-beat style of It sweetly reverses a traditional narrative in a quirky and appealing way. Cementing deals with major platforms such as DeAgostini Editore in Italy and Disney in CEE, Middle East, Africa and Turkey is a fantastic testament to the show’s massive appeal and a strong start. We’re excited to be presenting this at MIP Jr where the show is launching. It’s got the makings of a real hit!”

Kitty is Not a Cat

BES Animation, along with Seven Network, green-lit Kitty is Not a Cat last year and will deliver the completed 52 x 12 minute episodes in mid 2018. The show will initially launch on the Seven Network in Australia, DeAgostini Editore in Italy, Disney in the CEE territories, South Africa, Middle East and Turkey. The show will also be available in 26 x 30 minute episodes.
Kitty is Not a Cat will be screened at this year’s MIP Junior 2017 and available on the Jetpack booth at MIPCOM in the new UK Pavilion P-1A92.

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