Tencent Music and Alibaba Ink Music Sub-Licensing Deal

Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Alibaba Group have announced an agreement to cooperate on a music sub-licensing deal that will extend Tencent’s lead in China’s fast growing music-streaming industry. Based on the agreement announced on the 12th of September, Tencent Music Entertainment Group will give Alibaba Group the right to stream music from its international music labels like Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music, as well as YG Entertainment and JVR Music International. In exchange, Alibaba Group will sub-license exclusive content and music acquired from Rock Records, HIM International Music, B’in Music and Media Asia Music to Tencent Music Entertainment Group.

In recent years, the Chinese music-streaming industry has seen massive growth as consumers’ appreciation for entertainment and quality music as well as localized content drive this shift. This deal between Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Alibaba Group means that the likes of artistes like Mayday, Yoga Lin, Hebe Tian and Jonathan Li can be heard on such platforms as QQ Music, Kugou Music and Kuwo Music. Songs by such artistes as BIGBANG and Jay Chou, will also be made accessible to users of Xiami Music.

At a time when piracy is rampant, the cooperation between Tencent Music Entertainment and Alibaba Group is a key move to protect the interests of musicians and their work. It helps to further legitimise a fast-evolving music industry while giving artistes the security and platform to create musical works of an even higher quality.

To date, Tencent Music Entertainment Group has already reached agreements for music copyright with more than a dozen platforms such as NetEase Music, Taihe Entertainment Group, Chang Ba, Inke, Kuaishou as well as Apple Music, Spotify, KKBOX and more. In addition, Tencent Music Entertainment Group also regularly engages in open conversation to promote cooperation with regards to copyrights of recordings as well as music and lyrics. This spans across multiple categories such as music platforms in China, karaoke song platforms, live broadcasting platforms, video websites, mobile phone terminal operators as well as international music platforms.

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