Mediacorp Elevates Broadcast Quality with Interra’s BATON QC

Interra Systems recently announced that Singapore-based broadcaster Mediacorp has expanded the scope of Interra Systems’ BATON QC solution across its operations to improve quality of experience (QoE) for television viewers. Mediacorp is using Interra Systems’ BATON quality control (QC) platform to check content quality automatically, BATON+ to collect QC data analytics, and BATON Content Corrector (BCC) to fix audio loudness issues post QC.

“When Mediacorp moved to a new facility, we wanted to ramp up our quality control efforts and increase operational efficiency. After relying on BATON for several years, we knew that it would provide the reliability we need as well as support the additional features we were missing, such as audio loudness auto-correction and data-centric QC reports,” said Lim Siew Luan, AVP of Technology Support at Mediacorp. “Since upgrading BATON, we now have the ability to check the content quality using a centralised QC system across multiple divisions for several hours of media content a day.”

Mediacorp recently built an extensive new campus to serve as a base for more than 2,500 staff members, deploying several technology innovations into the facility to better meet consumers’ changing viewing habits. The new facility implements closer interoperability across Mediacorp’s production and distribution facilities to accelerate and simplify operational workflows. Despite having versatile technology standards from many manufacturers, a service orientated architecture (SOA), automated file-based workflows, as well as a integrated enterprise orchestration layer now ensure processing of the different business units via a common platform.

At the heart of Mediacorp’s new and improved workflow, Interra Systems’ BATON platform ensures that high-quality content is passed onto playout servers. All media files, whether produced in-house or acquired from content vendors, are checked at the ingest stage by BATON QC. Mediacorp uses BATON during each step of the broadcast workflow, from ingest to transcoding, playout, and archive, to guarantee the highest quality is being delivered to viewers at all times. A comprehensive range of checks are performed to cover standards compliance, regulatory, and baseband. Interra Systems’ BCC auto-corrects loudness errors detected by BATON in the media files, with BATON+ providing extensive QC trend analysis to improve workflow efficiency.

The BATON products are integrated with several third-party systems, including a media asset management system and a workflow orchestrator. BATON continues operating even if one of the hardware components is down.

“When viewers are satisfied with the quality of broadcast programming, they watch longer and advertising revenue increases,” said Sanjay Mittal, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia, at Interra Systems. “Our BATON QC platform is the perfect choice for Mediacorp’s new media facility, providing the operator with a well-integrated and efficient broadcast workflow.”

Interra Systems will demonstrate its QC, monitoring, and analytics platforms at IBC2017 in stand 7.B13.



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