Another NBN Bungle – HCF Premises Unsuitable for Connection

Internet Australia, the NFP peak body representing the interests of internet users, says the latest news from NBN Co reinforces the need for a bipartisan rethink and an agreed strategy for a 21st century broadband service.

In a new blog, NBN Co has revealed significant problems with the rollout of services via the Telstra HFC network.

NBN statement, “Premises in the HFC footprint that require additional work to be connected to the NBN broadband access network will be ring-fenced and will not be able to order an NBN service immediately.”

“First, they were forced to abandon plans to use the Optus HFC cables because they were not fit for service,” commented Executive Director, Laurie Patton. “Now it seems they will have to spend money on the Telstra HFC network because it, too, has serious issues.”

Problems with HFC come on top of continuing customer complaints about speeds and reliability with the copper wire based FTTN technology which is now underpinning the majority of NBN Co services.

“At Internet Australia we’ve been pushing for a bipartisan rethink for about two years now. It’s time everyone acknowledged that the use of ageing copper wires is just unsustainable. Complaints are growing from FTTN customers while the rest of the world, including New Zealand, is rolling out fibre.”

“The way we’re heading now whoever is in office in 2020 will have to deal with our biggest ever national infrastructure debacle. NBN Co will owe the government circa $19 billion and within five to 10 years it will need to fund a very expensive FTTN replacement. So far no-one seems have even started working out how many billions this will cost.”



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