Australia 55th in Download Speed – Flogged by the Kiwis

A test of broadband speeds across 189 countries has found that Australia ranks 55th, well behind New Zealand (30th) and miles behind table-topper Singapore.

The table was compiled by British broadband advice site from more than 63 million broadband speed tests.

The data collection was done across 12 months ending on 10 May, by M-Lab, a partnership between New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research, Princeton University’s PlanetLab, and other partners.

Speed was measured by how long one took to download a 7.5GB film. The throughput of a single TCP connection was measured, attempting to transfer as much data as possible for at least 10 seconds.

“This data set has been queried for tests run in the year to 10 May 2017; in order to compile a league table of download speeds for countries tests have been performed by at least 100 unique IP addresses,” according to the outline of the methodology.

In Singapore it took 18 minutes and 34 seconds for a mean download speed of 55.13Mbps.

By contrast in Australia, it took two hours, 12 minutes and 57 seconds to download the film, with the mean speed being 7.7Mbps.

New Zealand recorded a mean speed of 16.6Mbps and downloading the file in that country took one hour, one minute and 42 seconds. Just behind was the UK, with a mean download speed of 16.51Mbps; the film download was completed in one hour, two minutes and one second.

Sweden stood second, with mean speeds of 40.16Mbps; the file came down the pipe in 25 minutes and 30 seconds.

Twenty of the top 30 speeds were recorded in Europe, with seven in Asia, two in North America and one in Oceania.

In contrast, 17 of the next 30 slower speeds were seen in African countries, with seven in Asia, six in South America and one in Oceania.



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