Huawei and Honeywell Help Brisbane’s Skytower Open a New Chapter

Together with Honeywell, Huawei delivered the gigabit network and provided a Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution to achieve smart network inside the Brisbane Skytower, Australia.

“We’re excited to work with Huawei to build a gigabit network for Skytower, Brisbane’s iconic 270-meter, 90-story residential tower. The network is the first-ever installation to utilise one common fibre optic cable for telephony/data and building services,” saidMark Dunn, Executive General Manager, Honeywell Building Solutions

Brisbane Skytower is a landmark building under construction in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Located in Brisbane’s central business district, this iconic residential tower will become Brisbane’s tallest building when completed in 2018/2019. Skytower will be an exemplary smart building leveraging advanced technology solutions from Honeywell and Huawei to make it more sustainable, secure and energy-efficient.

Smart buildings are rapidly evolving to become more networked, human-centric and intelligent. The growing use of The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and Big Data, enables seamless interoperability between building intelligence and information systems, changing the building industry and accelerating the development of smart buildings.

The network for smart buildings needs to keep pace with this new paradigm and be smart enough to connect people together, which needs to shift from simply providing telephone services to delivering all-round services such as Wi-Fi, and environmental awareness. It needs to tackle the following challenges:

Higher bandwidth is needed: A growing number of smart devices such as smartphones, 4K Internet TV are being used in buildings. Buildings are adopting more building control, energy management, and sensing equipment. All these bandwidth-intensive applications place increased pressure on overburdened networks.

Ubiquitous network access is required: Occupants now expect anytime, anywhere access to applications and services in rooms, elevators, underground parking garages, etc. Property management owners also need a simpler, faster-to-deploy, and easier-to-manage network to reduce costs while improving efficiency.

These challenges were primary considerations for Billbergia Group, Skytower’s property management company. The Group wanted a technology provider that could provide a comprehensive smart building solution.

Bill McGarry, Development Manager of the Billbergia Group, understood the importance of “preparing building for the next wave of technology upgrades” and needed to be confident the Skytower technology solution was going to deliver the best outcome.

Billbergia Group approved Honeywell’s proposed technology solution integrated with Huawei’s POL solution, delivering a complete smart building solution.

Honeywell Solution

Honeywell will provide Skytower with its enterprise buildings integrator, a building automation system that takes charge of system integration, covering the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, security protection facilities, etc. Additionally, Honeywell will centrally manage various building sub-systems, provide a visualised management portal and alarm management and work-order management services, designed to deliver efficient facility management, fast response, and predictive maintenance.

Huawei Solution

Huawei delivered the gigabit network and provided a POL solution to achieve smart network inside the Skytower. In contrast to a traditional complex LAN which limits the performance of bandwidth-intensive applications, Using POL technology, an enterprise can combine data, voice, video, and other weak-current systems into one optical network.

Prominent features include high bandwidth, high reliability, comprehensive security authentication, easy deployment, and Wi-Fi coverage.

As part of the POL solution, Huawei’s network management system U2000, OLT (MA5608T), ONU (MA5626, M5671, and MA5620), and ONT (HG8242H) are included to unlock the passive network’s full potential.

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