RTI Announces New Distributor in Australia and New Zealand

RTI has announced it has partnered with Connected Media in Australia and New Zealand, effective as of the 1st of August, for both RTI and Pro Control brands. RTI will be working with Avation – the current distributor for this territory – to ensure dealers an easy and orderly transition to the new distribution partner.

“Connected Media’s strategy is focused on the RTI and Pro Control product lines,” said Mike Everett, Vice President of Global Sales, RTI. “The company’s experience in both residential and commercial markets will provide our customers with an excellent resource for sales and technical support, backed by dependable, trusted service.”

Connected Media will distribute and service the entire portfolio of RTI and Pro Control control and automation solutions. Centrally located in Sydney, Connected Media Australia’s office, warehouse, and demonstration facility will also give dealers in the region a dedicated venue for receiving hands-on training and product demonstrations. Connected Media New Zealand, headed by well-known CI industry identity, Carey Dixon, completes the new partnership in New Zealand.

“We are very excited about and honoured by this opportunity,” said Gerrit Ryan, General Manager of Connected Media Australia. “RTI has continued to stay at the forefront of the control technology evolution over the past 25 years. The company offers a powerful and sophisticated control platform and requires a focused distribution model to reach its full potential in our market. RTI will be at the centre of Connected Media’s universe – not just another brand in the portfolio – allowing our customers to bring much needed value and custom control and automation to their installations.”

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