DVD Counterfeiters to be Sentenced

A sentence will be handed down in court to an Australian-based man and woman on charges relating to the possession and sale of thousands of High Quality Counterfeit (HQC) DVDs in Parramatta Court, Sydney, 2pm on 30th June following several hearings in recent weeks.

Mosaic Defredes and his accomplice, Allison Daniel, will appear at the Downing Centre on 17 March 2017 following the seizure of 1.2 million DVDs in 2013 which, if sold, would equate to approximately $21 million.   Investigators from the Australian Screen Association (ASA) had supported Detectives from Quakers Hill Police which found that Defredes had also sold over 65,000 DVDs totalling over $1.6 million in sales on eBay to unsuspecting buyers.

Defredes and Daniel plead guilty to two counts contrary to 132AJ and 132AC of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). Penalties for such crimes under the Commonwealth Copyright Act carry a maximum of five years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of $90,000 per offence.

Defredes has been in remand since June 2016 and is also facing further State and Federal offences for fraud and false passport applications including one count relating to the 192J Crimes Act (NSW), relating to identification information, and another count relating to the 29(1) Passport Act. 


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