BANDAI NAMCO to Open Japan’s Largest VR Entertainment Facility

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc will open the largest VR entertainment facility in Japan, ‘VR ZONE SHINJUKU’, in Shinjuku Tokyo on Friday the 14th of July. Reservations will be available from Friday the 16th of June. Building upon the success of its predecessor ‘VR ZONE Project i Can’, VR ZONE SHINJUKU will house over 15 activities including the following new VR activities utilising IP:

  • Dragon Ball VR ‘Master the Kamehameha’.
  • Evangelion VR ‘The Throne of Souls’.
  • Ghost in the Shell Arise: Stealth Hounds.

*Overseas installation of the VR activities above are currently undetermined.

VR ZONE SHINJUKU will also include a range of new non-IP VR activities where guests will be able to experience exploring a fantasy world on a winged bicycle, a horror-filled dinosaur survival run, and much more. Every activity is designed for the guests to lose themselves in the immersive VR experience. Guests will also be able to enjoy a variety of non VR activities, such as surviving from an expanding giant balloon in a locked cell, purchasing original souvenirs, and enjoy meals and activities in a virtually simulated resort themed dining space, making for a truly well-rounded entertainment experience.

In addition, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. has teamed up with the digital art group NAKED to develop projection mapping installations in and out of the facility. The exterior will feature a projection of PAC-MAN among other images, while the inside will feature a ‘Centre Tree’ posing as the interface of the facility which will allow guests to interact with the building itself through touch.

According to Yoshiyasu Horiuchi, Executive Officer of the Amusement Business Unit for BANDAI NAMCO, the company plans to install a selection of their VR activities in over 20 locations worldwide in order to increase the opportunities for a larger audience to enjoy their VR entertainment. “VR ZONE SHINJUKU will be the flagship location for the next-generation of entertainment,” said Executive Officer Yoshiyasu Horiuchi. “A place where BANDAI NAMCO carries out new challenges, delivers excitement and amazement to visitors from across the globe.”

*Not all VR activities are currently planned to be installed overseas.

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