iNews TV Indonesia Takes ChyronHego Virtual Placement from Magna

Magna iNews TV2

Magna Systems & Engineering has provided the ChyronHego Virtual Placement solution for Indonesia News TV (iNews TV), the national terrestrial private television station in Indonesia founded by Media Nusantara Citra (MNC).

Virtual Placement from ChyronHego turns the complex art of placing virtual graphics within live video into a quick and simple process. With no need to add any specialist camera encoders or lengthy calibration processes, virtual graphics can be placed into a scene within minutes of setup, ready for use in a multitude of applications. The system can be used in virtually any live broadcast scenario, from augmenting physical studio-sets with virtual objects or live broadcast graphics and video feeds, to much larger scenes such as sports arenas, race-tracks or landscapes.

Magna Systems Director of Asia Operations Patrick So explained, “iNews TV were looking for a system that was able to overlay ads for multiple programme types, not just sports. We suggested Virtual Placement from ChyronHego, a solution that is now very popular in Indonesia because advertisers need more ad placement and slots than ever before.”

With Virtual Placement iNews TV is now able to overlay commercials in TV programmes that include drama, music, entertainment and sports and they have already successfully used the system during the recent Djarum Badminton event and the governor’s election.

So continued, “Virtual Placement has many advantages for iNews TV because as we all know, ads produce revenue. Apart from ad spots, ad logos, time check or even in-programme advertisements, Virtual Placement offers additional revenue generators. As part of presenting this solution, we did a series of live demos and a shootout for the iNews TV production and ad sales teams. Both were a great success and as a result, iNews TV decided to commit to this exciting technology.”

Part of Virtual Placement’s appeal to iNews TV is the fact that it enables users to overlay commercial video into a programme without any tracking system or hardware calibration requirements.

So added, “iNews TV looked to us for ways of creating more advertisements and thus generating more revenue. ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement was an easy choice as it has been specifically designed for that purpose. As the system is very easy to use with no need for any calibration, iNews TV needs only design the graphics using ChyronHego’s Graffiti and then simply overlay the video in any kind of live event.”

Magna’s primary role covered more than just finding the Virtual Placement solution. In this instance, Magna was responsible for the product’s introduction, demonstration, installation and training.

Patrick So concluded, “The team at iNews TV are delighted with their Virtual Placement solution. They didn’t expect the system to be so powerful and so easy to use, particularly as there’s no tracking nor hardware calibration. Using Virtual Placement now makes it easy for them to generate more ad revenue.”



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