Kaltura Partners with Streamlyzer for Real-time Data-Driven Intelligence

Kaltura and Streamlyzer have announced that the companies have joined forces to provide telcos and media companies worldwide with market-leading OTT solutions, fully integrated with real-time intelligence, enabling them to optimise their video delivery, and make data-driven business decisions for their online video services. The integrated solution is already being implemented by KCP, a content platform in Korea.

The Kaltura TV Platform enables customers to quickly launch a Pay TV service with advanced monetisation, social interaction and personalisation tools. Kaltura OTT TV provides a cross-device experience for all content types – live, VOD and catch-up. Streamlyzer Insights is a powerful analytics engine that provides data-driven intelligence to customers, for optimised performance and increasing ARPU. By combining the two solutions, Kaltura and Streamlyzer together provide an advanced set of functionality with deep analytics.

“In today’s TV landscape, telcos and media companies can’t afford to lag behind – they must constantly monitor their services and ensure they provide the best features and functionality to their users, on the devices of their choice, and with flawless performance. This is what the powerful combination of Kaltura and Streamlyzer provides to the market,” commented Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO.

Steve Song, CRO of Streamlyzer added, “We are excited to team up with Kaltura to provide insightful information to customers, helping them make informed decisions when managing their OTT services. Our real-time intelligence is critical for optimising system performance, ensuring there is no buffering or downtime, and learning detailed information about each end-user enabling customers to provide personalised content and service to their audience.”

KCP, the leading premium content platform in Korea, recently implemented the integrated solution. Kunhee Park, CTO at KCP noted: “It was clear to us that we needed to team up with technology vendors that have proven OTT expertise to ensure that we launch the most advanced online TV experience in Korea. Kaltura and Streamlyzer fit the bill with their seamless integration and live deployments at tier-one players worldwide.”

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