Stan Grant Remembers the 1967 Referendum with ‘Counted’

50 years ago, Australians voted in numbers never seen before or since to fully embrace Indigenous people as part of our country.

Stan Grant remembers this momentous time in a half hour special ‘Counted’ at 7:30pm on ABC and ABC iview on Friday the 26th of May.

When Australia became a nation, Aboriginal people were thought to be a doomed race. The founding fathers believed there was no place for the country’s first people in this new Australia.

Section 127 of the new constitution prohibited Aboriginal people from being counted among the population of the Commonwealth. But Aboriginal people did not die out, their voices did not fall silent, and in 1967 they were finally heard when Australians voted ‘yes’. It remains the most resounding referendum victory in our nation’s history – Aboriginal people counted.

On the eve of the anniversary of the referendum, Stan takes us back to when Australians defied a dark past and voted to right the wrong. He speaks to the heroes of the referendum and their grandchildren who inherited the ongoing fight for justice for the first Australians. He also takes us on his own very personal journey – examining what it was like for his family in country NSW before the referendum.

Counted will air on ABC and ABC iview on Friday the 26th of May in The Link’s regular time-slot.



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