Seven West Media Welcomes Media Package

Seven West Media has welcomed the Government’s package of media law changes announced recently by Communications Minister, Senator Mitch Fifield.

Seven West Media Chairman, Kerry Stokes AC said, “I endorse the complete legislation package proposed by the Government, including licence fee reductions, media ownership changes, gambling advertising restrictions, anti- siphoning and the spectrum charge. It will give us a real opportunity to compete in the new media environment.

“I am pleased that the Turnbull Government is backing the Australian media industry through these reforms.”

Seven West Media CEO, Tim Worner said, “Seven has maintained a consistent position since 2013 on the issue of media ownership changes. We have called for a broad reform package that will truly empower free-to-air broadcasters to meet the increasing pace of change that we are facing. We believe that the package announced by the Government today will go a long way to achieving that objective.

“In particular, we welcome the Government’s move to reduce television licence fees, which have been the single biggest regulatory impediment facing this industry for some time. Removing these outdated fees will allow us to invest in more and better local content and to transform our businesses for the future and we thank the Turnbull Government for taking this initiative.

“We support the proposed changes to the media ownership rules as part of the Government’s comprehensive package. We recognise that the changes we are witnessing in media consumption and delivery are challenging the traditional sector-based regulations that are currently in place and we call on the Senate to pass the bills currently before the Parliament,” Mr Worner added.

Seven also indicated its commitment to implement the package of gambling advertising restrictions announced by the Government, which will see gambling ads prohibited in live sport shown before 8.30pm including a five minute buffer before and after the event.

“The anti-siphoning list is still the best way to ensure that Australia’s iconic sporting events remain available live and free to all Australians. I am very pleased that significant events such as the AFL, Australian Open Tennis, Olympics and Commonwealth Games will remain on the list,” said Mr Worner.

“We look forward to working with the Government to deliver all the elements of the package announced.”



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