AsiaSat 9 in Myanmar

In late 2017, AsiaSat will launch the world’s first dedicated Myanmar beam, bringing more power and enhanced coverage to the country and a commitment to deliver the best service to all customers. With AsiaSat 9 boasting the company’s most powerful EIRP in C and Ku-Band so far and an excellent ‘look angle’, to not only meet the demands of industrial and business connectivity for the likes of mining, oil and gas, and banking, but also to offer entertainment in television and live sports events in the highest quality the country has seen, AsiaSat is connecting Myanmar.

With an increasingly open stance regarding international dealings, the price of technologies, from phones to SIM cards has seen a sharp drop. Acquiring a SIM card only as far back as 2010 could cost US$2,000. Today, due to the reducing costs of technology both emerging and current, and the increasing awareness of choice in the country, there continues an ever heightening demand for services that can bring the people of Myanmar more access to news and entertainment in their lives.

Not only has emerging technology affected broadcasting, but the typically cash-carried based system the country operated on is diminishing, and money can be more conveniently and safely distributed through ATMs, utilising C-band beams from satellites for the best reliability in data transfer.

AsiaSat 4 at 122°E is serving areas of Myanmar right now, with companies such as KBZ Gateway Company Limited utilising our VSAT capabilities. The company is also currently using capacity on AsiaSat 7’s Ku-band, alongside other Myanmar customers including Seanet, and King Royal Technologies Co Ltd. With the increased C-band power and a customised Ku-band on AsiaSat 9, AsiaSat will be positioned to serve Myanmar better, and to an expanding portfolio of customers and end users.



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