Av-Comm Partners with Intelsat for HDTV Delivery

Av-Comm has announced it has signed a multi-year agreement to deliver High Definition television content for Telekom Television in the Solomon Islands via Intelsat’s C Band capacity on IS-805 at 169°E.

The project includes the use of several new complementary technologies to drive an unmatched level of bandwidth utilisation, designed to maximise the number of television channels on the content delivery platform.

Av-Comm has selected Novelsat’s NS series modems with NS4 waveform, and DUET CEC (carrier-echo-cancellation) technology to provide a satellite link efficiently in excess of 4 bits per hertz, allowing for up to eight HD video circuits into the Solomon Islands and a single HD video circuit in return.

Additionally, Av-Comm’s Pacific Content Delivery Platform utilises HEVC video encoding to complement Novelsat’s advanced modem technology to provide a greater return on Telekom Television’s investment in satellite bandwidth on Intelsat 805.

The delivery of television content via satellite is a critical requirement for the Solomon Islands as satellite is the country’s sole method of accessing the interconnected global community.

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