TNTV Integrates PlayBox Technology EU ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ with CTS Enterprise

TNTV is a French Polynesian television channel that was launched in June 2000 delivering dynamic local news, sport, culture, politics, entertainment, world news and general interest programmes across the whole stretch of Polynesian islands in French and Tahitian languages.

When TNTV took the initiative to upgrade its entire broadcast management system in 2016, the television channel chose CSE, a French software company specialising in advertising and TV scheduling, to implement with the help of partner PlayBox Technology Europe (PBTEU) an advanced broadcast solution in league with leading international industry standards. The installation was based on two powerful PlayBox Technology EU ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ platforms based on PlayBox Technology products, and on CSE’s CTS Enterprise software to drive the TV station forward, setting it apart from regional competitors.

PlayBox Technology EU’s ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ systems equip broadcasters with solutions that deliver both software-defined hardware turnkey systems, such as facilities for ingest, media management, titling, graphics, playout and scheduling, as well as a complete solution. These can perform equally outstanding results in SDI, IP, hybrid and virtualised environments. CSE’s CTS Enterprise software effectively manages linear and non-linear scheduling operating in a multi-channel environment. The system offers real-time overview of the broadcast scheduling process and its features include programme library, rights management, long-term planner, mass modification of scheduled content, promotion management, as well as quota reporting. It is also designed to interface with aspects of the broadcasting business such as ingest, automation, and airtime sales systems.

PBTEU created a tailored solution based on PlayBox Technology EU ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ systems to revolutionise how TNTV works providing full parallel functionality along with automated content and playlist transfer, working in 1:1 back-up mode in SD format. Every playlist was prepared and checked using a dedicated preparation station separate from the main playout platform which was considered as an advanced way of operating in the region. Furthermore, TNTV benefitted from a multi playout manager on top of the workflow throughput for remote management. This enabled content to be prepared for delivery through the pipeline via four ingest stations which are also in SD formats. Indexation and media descriptions are then completed in DataBox for which TNTV holds a full set of core and editing licenses. It is at this point that the integration with CSE’s CTS Enterprise software comes in to complete the workflow picture.

CSE’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Hugo Berthelot, talks through the process, “TNTV wanted our traffic system to be interfaced with their broadcast tools. PBTEU played an important role by providing us with essential trial versions so that we could test that the interface was working properly. They also connected us with other professionals throughout the process including specialised engineers who could help respond on GUI applications. PBTEU was involved with the project from the start and always interested at every phase, meticulously following up exchanges which was critical to achieving success and ensuring every detail was nailed down.”

CSE integrated their CTS Enterprise software with PlayBox Technology EU ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ systems at TNTV. A connector was developed to automatically import technical information (Title, ID, TCs, and video file localisation) from DataBox to CTS database. Interfaces were also created between CTS Enterprise and PlayBox Technology’s software products ListBox and AirBox so that playlists can be automatically exported to the playout and as-run logs imported after broadcast. CTS Enterprise also communicates with CTS Publicity, CSE’s airtime sales software setup one year before. Through the integration with PlayBox Technology EU ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ systems, the sales-house automatically recovers advertising as-run logs to establish campaign reports.

The entire implementation process took just over three months to complete, and during this period, one of the CSE’s associates spent three weeks onsite in Tahiti to train users and accompany them during the software change.

Following this extensive upgrade, TNTV has secured the management of all its programmes, commercials, promotions, and secondary events, and guaranteed compliance with programme quota and distribution rights – with the peace of mind that all these processes are all safely administered automatically with a business software that is totally dedicated to TNTV’s dynamic broadcast design management.

PBTEU’s Sales Director and Managing Partner Alexander Stoyanov, remarked, “TNTV is one of PBTEU’s most important and well-respected customers in the region and we enjoy a solid relationship with them. Their team fully understands the value of maintaining their installation and they are a loyal partner. TNTV also delivers a professional and valuable service to their audience and we are very proud to support them on an ongoing basis as they continue to expand and evolve. It has been a pleasure working with CSE on this project with their in-depth knowledge of programming markets, and we look forward to many more projects ahead.”

Associate and TV Project Director of CSE, Marc-Olivier Hechenblaickner, noted, “When TNTV approached us to upgrade their broadcast management system to our CTS Enterprise software and to integrate it in the playout platform, we first thought about how we would streamline the workflow by developing an interface with Databox and another one with ListBox and AirBox. To do this, we immediately sent our questions to PBTEU whose answers allowed us to progress faster. Then, we remotely tested and validated the integration before coming to Tahiti so that I could focus on user training and assistance after my arrival to ensure that CSE had successfully completed the project for the deadline.” Adding further, “This project fully embraced the simplified creation of programme schedules and playlists with positive results. Our partnership with PBTEU is important to us, and our combined services and efforts brings added value to our customers.”



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