Doubling of Uptake for FreeviewPlus Hybrid TV Service

Freeview Australia’s hybrid TV service, FreeviewPlus, has notched up strong growth in 2016, with the most recent figures showing household penetration has risen to 20% – double the figure released earlier this year.

“This is a great result as our goal was, indeed, to reach the 20% mark this year. It’s encouraging to see the Australian market growth compare so favourably with more mature markets like Germany, for example, where there is around 40% market penetration of hybrid TV receivers after six years,” said Freeview CEO Liz Ross.

Ross attributed the growth to a number of factors, including a national marketing campaign and a highly successful certification program ensuring that more than 80% of all smart TVs sold are compatible.

A brand new ‘Keeping up with the Freemans’ TV campaign launched in August to specifically promote the simplicity and features of FreeviewPlus.

“When you consider an 85% connection rate of FreeviewPlus-enabled TVs across the country, it’s clear to see how TV viewers can now easily gain access to a huge choice of free-to-air programming whether it is live or catch up,” she said.

Freeview also recently launched the Freeview FV mobile app to further add to the appeal of free-to-air TV through convenient access to live streaming and catch up TV while on the go.



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