ABC to Upgrade with Netia RadioAssist

NETIA has announced that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is upgrading its NETIA Radio-Assist radio automation system, first installed in 1999, to version 8.2 and integrating it with a new Grass Valley GV STRATUS video production and content management solution and AP ENPS 8 scripting system. This refresh of ABC’s nationwide news equipment, one of the largest projects ever undertaken in Australia, will be overseen and implemented by Grass Valley within the next three years.

The original NETIA Radio-Assist installation at ABC 17 years ago marked the digitisation of the broadcaster’s local and regional radio stations. At that time, a total of 400 workstations at more than 60 stations were equipped with Radio-Assist to support a digital production and distribution workflow, and over time, ABC augmented this installation to facilitate simple, automated management of content localisation across ABC stations, with now over 3000 users.

The current project, initiated in 2013 and subsequently undertaken in coordination with Grass Valley and the Associated Press, represents a total refresh and replacement of systems for TV news, radio news, and scripting creation in ABC studios across Australia. While the integration of Radio-Assist with AP ENPS 8 will enable multisite newsroom control system (NRCS) integration and MOS redirection, the upgrade of Radio-Assist to version 8.2 will bring with it hundreds of enhancements to the production workflow, including the brand new Media Assist Suite multi-site content management module that allows large companies to share, search and manage contents across multiple sites.

“We are very proud to be continuing our long relationship with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation,” said Thierry Gandilhon, President of NETIA. “We have worked together for nearly two decades now, and ABC’s deployment of Radio-Assist has demonstrated both the versatility and lasting value of NETIA’s radio automation and broadcast technology. This is an exciting project for all partners, and we look forward to bringing ABC the benefits of state-of- the-art news production systems.”



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