DVB-T2 Trialled in Malaysia

As a prelude to this week’s ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur, a DVB-T2/MHEG trial and workshop has been launched with the cooperation of DVB, ABU, Rohde & Schwarz, S&T, Media Broadcast GmbH, Broadcast Australia, state broadcaster RTM, Telekom Malaysia, the Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission, Strategy & Technology Limited, T-Vips AS and Digital TV Labs.
The workshop provided hands-on training on DVB-T2, including a comparison with DVB-T and included an MHEG application developed by Strategy & Technology Limited (S&T) for the test transmissions.
The DVB-T2 Test transmissions will run from 10am to 12pm and 3 to 5pm every day until 8 April 2011 and will give the Malaysian industry experience in DVB-T2 technology and enable receiver testing. This is the first such trial in the region.

Dr Peter Siebert, The Executive Director of DVB said, “This trial will give the opportunity for all broadcasters & indeed the Broadcasting Industry in the Asia Pacific region to witness at first hand the operation and performance of this very unique and ground breaking digital broadcasting technology. DVB-T2 is the world’s most advanced digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) system offering higher efficiency, robustness and flexibility. It introduces several new techniques which make DVB-T2 more than 50% more efficient than other DTT systems. The technology can lead to very significant benefits to broadcasters, governments and consumers.”
IMPALA, the International MHEG Promotion Alliance, said it was pleased that MHEG formed a key part of the DVB-T2 technology workshop and transmission trial.
David Cutts, Founder Member of IMPALA and Managing Director of S&T, said “This is an important opportunity for broadcasters from across the region to see how efficient and effective both DVB-T2 and MHEG are. Of course, MHEG has already been successfully deployed in the region in Hong Kong and further south in Australia and New Zealand. With an established supplier market and well developed conformance regime – plus the possibility of the MHEG Interaction Channel for connected TV services – the technology is ideal for markets across Asia.”

Colin Prior, International Sales Director for S&T, will be giving a paper on day two of the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium (that follows the T2 workshop from the 8-11 March) on MHEG-5-based solutions for hybrid broadcast broadband TV. S&T is also running a workshop on MHEG-5 hybrid operation during the Symposium.
MHEG is included in the draft receiver specification for the Malaysia DVB-T2 roll-out expected to start in 2012.

Visit http://www.abu.org.my, http://www.s-and-t.com and http://www.impala.org.


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