2019 IMAGO International Awards for Cinematography Announced

IMAGO has announced that the 2019 and second IMAGO International Awards for Cinematography will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on 16 March 2019 hosted by SAS, the Serbian Society of Cinematographers.

IMAGO and the SAS, led by Serbian Society President, Predrag Bambic SAS will work closely with local and international sponsors in this exciting collaborative endeavour.

IMAGO President, Paul Rene Roestad FNF said, “We are also pleased to announce that entries are now open for the 2019 awards, and submissions from IMAGO member countries are now invited.”

Awards will be announced in the following categories – Best Cinematography for a Feature Film, Best Cinematography for a Television Drama, Best Cinematography for a Documentary Film, Best Cinematography for Student Film and Emerging Young Cinematographer.

Each member society can submit one film per category.

Paul Rene Roestad FNF added, “For the first time ever, at the 2019 IMAGO Awards, we are now including the Student Film Award category, entries for which can be submitted by a member society after selection from its country’s film schools. We are also introducing the Emerging Young Cinematographer Award and the winner of this exciting new award will be chosen by the presidents of each society. IMAGO is very proud to present the 2019 Imago International Awards for Cinematography and we wish all participants the very best of luck.”

Visit https://www.imagoawards.org


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