Achtel Announces 8K x 6K Large Format Digital Cinema Camera

Achtel Pty Limited recently announced the industry’s first 8K, 48 Megapixel, 4:3 aspect ratio, large format digital cinema camera system. The system is specifically designed for IMAX and Giant Screen Cinema productions striving to achieve the highest image quality and immersive experience.

The technology offers recording data rates of 2GB/s – about six times higher than 8K cameras currently available, uncompressed RAW format, Wide Colour Gamut, and large Full Frame (36.4 x 27.6 mm) sensor delivering the highest image quality traditionally attributed to IMAX and Giant Screen films.

The camera’s small size allows for different stereoscopic 3D configurations, aerial filming and integration with underwater systems that use submersible lenses to achieve the image quality never before experienced on Giant Screen and IMAX Cinemas.

“We are very excited to bring a digital camera system specifically tailored for Giant Screen needs offering 8K resolution and native 4:3 aspect ratio and image quality far exceeding that of available cameras. This innovation is set to achieve the high ground that Giant Screen films held over main-stream cinema that keeps audiences coming back.” said Mr Pawel Achtel, ACS the director of the company.

The new camera will be available for productions in first quarter 2019. For advanced bookings and enquiries contact Pawel Achtel, ACS at pawel.achtel@24× or +61(0)407 472 747.

Visit http://24×


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