Ventuz Announces Support of Stype Camera and Lens Tracking

Stype Kit by the Croatian developer, Stype, is a tracking system that supports camera cranes and jibs, among them Stanton Jimmy, CamMate, MovieBird and Super Techno cranes. By integrating this system into their real-time graphics workflow, Ventuz widens its scope on virtual studio and augmented reality installations for news, sports, entertainment, and many other broadcast scenarios. The Stype system allows production companies to repurpose existing camera supports for virtual and augmented uses with minimal effort.

“We have been working intensely on giving Ventuz a firm standing in the virtual studio and augmented reality world”, said David Paniego, Product Marketing Manager of Ventuz Technology. “With Ventuz 5 we have added many functionalities to enhance workflows in this regard, especially when it comes to more realistic looks in 3D objects and HDR materials and effects. The integration of advanced camera tracking systems like Stype Kit shows our interest in these workflows and presents Ventuz as one of the go-to graphic solutions for virtual and augmented projects in the broadcast industry.”

Among these new developments for more realistic 3D real-time graphics are a live link between Ventuz and Cinema 4D, which allows the easy and dynamic integration of complex 3D models and animations into the real-time space. Additionally, Ventuz 5 features a revamped material and render engine, which allows users to get more sophisticated and realistic looks.

“Finally, we can deliver Stype kit to some Ventuz users that were crying for it for a long time. The integration was done remotely, and afterwards verified in our improvised studio in Zagreb. The results were more than eye pleasing. We are looking forward to giving Ventuz users the luxury of using a top notch tracking equipment for Virtual and Augmented reality projects”, said Stjepan Cajic, CEO of Stype.

The integration will be available with the next release of Ventuz software, which is scheduled for the end of September, 2016.



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